Flourish in Your Calling: Exploring God's Ultimate Call

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Day 3

Living Worthy of the Call

There is something that unlocks the heart of every person when we begin to grasp the vastness of what God has done for us. We’ve been called from death to life, out of darkness into light – forgiven, saved, and set free!

Jesus has redeemed and restored us so we can step into all He dreamed for us. When the reality of this truth invades our hearts, it becomes infused into our dreams and desires and helps guide, and even unearth, the gifts and talents God has given us. It compels us to take those gifts and talents and live them out for His glory!

We want our lives and how we live out our callings to reflect the worth He is due. We’re not shuffling along, eyes down. Rather, we live with faith, joy, and anticipation in knowing that we are a free, redeemed people. Living out our callings should reflect the position we hold as children of God. Confident in the One who called us, our conduct is driven by the life we’ve been given.

Along with the other Scripture from today’s reading, read Romans 8:15-17 in The Message translation. Consider your position as a loved child of God and what it looks like for you personally to live a life worthy of the Gospel, worthy of your salvation in Jesus, and worthy of the call on your life. Is there anything you would currently change?