Galatians 1: Blinded By The Light

Day 3 of 7 • This day’s reading


There’s trouble in the churches in Galatia. Some "Christian" Jews have come along preaching a different message to that which the Galatians had first heard and believed from Paul. 

Basically, these people are implying that just to believe in Christ is not enough. You also have to do something. You have to "observe certain regulations for God to be able to accept you as His" and "Faith in Christ alone is not enough!" In other words, it is Christ plus something else. 

Paul says that this is another gospel. It is not the real thing. It’s a perversion of the true Gospel. It’s a counterfeit gospel and it’s terribly dangerous. It’s so dangerous he says that if anyone comes preaching it, they deserve to be damned. 

They deserve to be cursed. These are very strong words, and we should not take lightly how serious a thing it is to listen to those who do not teach the truth of the Gospel.

Before anyone becomes a Christian, God’s truth can seem stupid to them. It can make no sense at all. But the moment God reveals to them the reality of His truth, they see it! "Of course! Why couldn’t I see it before?" They could not see it, because God had not opened their eyes to see.

Make it a habit in your life to ask God to reveal His truth to you every time you read the Scriptures or listen to a Bible study or a sermon. Never think that you have an inbuilt ability to understand spiritual things, or things concerning the Living God. You do not. No human being does. 

We will always need the Lord to show us the meaning of His Word—to show us the truth as it really is.