Galatians 1: Blinded By The Light

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When Paul, the writer of Galatians, became a Christian after being confronted by Jesus on the road to Damascus, he knew immediately that he had been chosen to preach the Gospel. It was not because some man chose him for the job, but because God Himself had sent him. 

The key message which he knew he had to preach was Jesus is Lord

Just imagine there were no Christian churches in your country and that you had never heard of Jesus Christ, nor did you know anything about the true and living God. 

Then one day this man comes and visits your street, telling you this amazing story about the Son of God dying for the sin of all people, and how God raised Him up from the grave to prove that He is really Lord of Heaven and Earth.

As he is speaking to you, you suddenly realise that all that he is saying to you is actually true!  Even though you can’t quite explain it, you just know that what he is saying is real, and that somehow God has done something about your own sin through this man Jesus. 

And, as he speaks, you see that all of your sin and guilt is on that cross on which Jesus died. You just know that it is all gone! 

What an incredible discovery! Imagine having no sinful past to bug you!  Well, something a bit like that happened to those people in Galatia as they listened to Paul preach. Continue with this plan to find out more.