Co-parenting With God's Help

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So you are tired, frustrated, overwhelmed and just angry at your challenging co-parenting situation. How will you continue this partnership for another 5, 10,15 years? 

As you pray, you are genuinely hoping for a change but wondering if that change will ever come. Will it get easier or will you always be at odds with your co-parent? How can you co-parent in the best way for your children?  

My answer: by learning to TRUST. When co-parenting is challenging, learning to trust is a must.  

I am sure you are saying, "Trust my ex? The person who has taken me through unimaginable challenges?" 

We will talk about that in a moment, but first I want to encourage you to learn to trust God! It is in trusting Him that you become equipped with the tools to walk in wisdom regarding your co-parenting. Your overall trust-meter can increase because you learn what areas to trust the other parent in.

When you trust God, it relieves you of the responsibility of making things work out a certain way. Knowing you have a God that fights your battles helps with the anxieties that can come with co-parenting. 

Learning to trust the other parent can help move the relationship from a place of hopelessness and despair to a place of healing and wholeness. However, without first trusting God, it will be impossible to trust someone that appears to be extremely difficult.  

Once you’ve learned to trust God, you can begin to give the co-parent the benefit of the doubt, because you are learning to walk in wisdom and allowing God to lead you in what areas to trust them. You also remember that the other parent also loves the child and maybe struggling to trust you, so you both must parent with the bigger picture in mind of creating a healthier family dynamic for the children. 

Please know that I understand how hard it can be to trust someone that may be creating conflict. However, choosing daily to be led by Christ will allow you to co-parent in a way that He can get the glory. Our goal should be to do better in our co-parenting today than we did yesterday. We must remember that our children are watching, our co-parent is watching, and so many others are watching. So let them see Christ in us!

Today,  I pray in Jesus’ name that God fills you with His Spirit and strength to do the impossible. Be salt and light.  Amen!

Today's devotional was Written by Esther Hutchison

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