Co-parenting With God's Help

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Co-parenting. A term that can bring about so many different emotions for each person involved. For those walking a difficult road of co-parenting, emotions such as anger, frustration, disappointment, and concern may be fitting to express this experience. 

Let’s be honest, most co-parenting situations are the result of a failed relationship where two people who were once in an intimate relationship are now separated. These same two people now must raise children together that can do life and relationships well. This can seem impossible and often presents many opportunities for chaos, confusion, and strife.  

Yet as followers of Christ, we know that God says in His Word, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live in peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18) So how do we do this with a co-parent?

I remember being thrust into the challenge of co-parenting after my divorce. My children were young and there was so much tension between myself and my ex-spouse. Co-parenting for me has been a continuous journey of growth and dying to self. There were times when I engaged in co-parenting from such a defensive stance that there was no room for God to use me. 

I have mentored many people whose greatest challenge in co-parenting is that they were co-parenting with an unbelieving parent. I understand this challenge. However, I have learned that unless God is etched into every fiber of my co-parenting interactions, I too can quickly fall into the trap of negative behavior and patterns in my co-parenting. 

Being a believer doesn’t make me a better parent. It is when I invite Christ into my parenting and co-parenting that His work in me makes me a more effective and intentional co-parent. I must choose to see God as the author of my children's story instead of as simply a character in it. It’s His story for their lives, and when we see it as such, He can get the glory from how we choose to co-parent them. 

So, today I want to encourage you to be peacemakers on your co-parenting journey by allowing God to direct you on when and how to engage with a difficult co-parent. We have been called to be a light, so choose to be led by God as you co-parent.

Today’s Devotional was written by Rachel Scott