Money And Marriage

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In addition to aligning your heart and mind with God's Word, as well as implementing any of the practical tips listed in the previous two days entries - we encourage you to commit this area of your marriage to God in prayer. To help with this, we've offered some guided prayers along with some reflective prompts.

Opening Prayer

“Heavenly Father, You own the cattle on a thousand hills and You are our Source. Everything else is just a resource. All good things, including our finances, originate from You. By focusing more on money than on Your precepts and principles for our marriage, we set money as a higher power than You. We give money more honor than we give to You. Essentially, we seek to praise money rather than You.

Forgive us Lord for the times when we have worried, argued or fought over finances in our marriage. Have mercy on us, God, and align our thoughts underneath the truth that You are the source of all money. Any issue we have with money should be taken to You and presented to You with a heart of thanksgiving. This is how You’ve instructed us to handle worries in Your Word. Thank You for providing for us in so many ways. Thank You for being our source in every way. In Jesus' name, amen.”

Reflecting On Your Situation

Use this time to let your interaction with your spouse over the topic of money come to the forefront of your thoughts. Is this interaction punctuated with trust or doubt? Are your conversations concerning finances outlined with generosity or control? In what ways can you and your spouse seek God’s intervention to improve this area of your relationship?

Write down some examples of things you would like to see done differently or managed more wisely. If nothing comes to mind, then write down some examples where you can thank and praise God for His provision in your marriage.

Closing Prayer

“Gracious Lord, let money not be a source of strain in our marriage but rather a source of celebration. Whether we lack or have an abundance, let our attitudes toward money be in agreement so that it is an area where we share the burden or the joy. Help us to encourage each other toward wise stewardship and giving.

Bring us into agreement on the things where we may disagree. And show us the importance of high-communication with regard to our finances so that we are always on the same page and aware of decisions being made or needs we may have. Thank You for Your provision. Let us honor You with our choices and stewardship of all You have given to us. In Christ’s name, amen.”

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