Money And Marriage

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Matthew 6:21 tells us plainly that where our treasure is our heart will be also. If you or your spouse place a higher value on money and spending choices than on each other, then you have set money as an idol in your own home. You have made it a treasure that will eclipse your own heart. 

A heart cannot be set on two things equally. 

Understanding the value you (or your sopuse) place on money or financial decisions can help you know whether that is something you need to address in your marriage. 

Other things you can do to alleviate disagreements on financial matters include possibly setting up individual bank accounts for individual spending, as well as one joint account. Discussing what percentage of each person’s paycheck goes into the joint account toward joint bills can give a sense of equity in responsibility. Also setting up times for financial planning conversations where you talk about goals and steps to take to meet those goals will help in alleviating confusion about money between the two of you. 

This will come as no surprise but choosing to live debt-free will also significantly reduce the amount of felt “financial-pressure” upon your marriage. These steps, and more, give healthy boundaries for approaching what can be a volatile area of a marriage transforming it into an area of shared understanding, growth and enjoyment.