Myth #2: Sex is for procreation and nothing else.

Yesterday, we talked about debunking the myth that sex is dirty. Today, let’s talk about another common lie we can often think about sex. Although sex is more than an indulgence of the flesh, it is also more than the act of procreation. Read Song of Songs 4:5-7. 

This Song is more than a metaphorical symbol between Christ and the Church. We cannot neglect the physical aspects of its words. This Song is also a call for a husband to take delight in his wife’s body and a wife to delight in the body of her husband. 

Now read Song of Songs 7:6-9. Have you ever caught the smile of your spouse and thought, “They are so beautiful”? Or, have you ever noticed them as they walked through the living room and said, “You look fiiiine today”? 

There should be no shame in looking at your spouse with delight in your heart, thankfulness in your soul, and mutually choosing to engage in the act of sex because you desire one another. Yes, God made our spouse to be pleasing to our eyes and arouse our desires so we may be fruitful and multiply, but the pleasures of sex should not end there. We are missing out on one of the most blessed aspects of sex in marriage if we do. It honors God to delight in His creation, your spouse. 

Brandon, LMFT-S, PCIT