Closer Connection

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Taking the Stress Out of Communication


Understanding the differences in our communication dynamics is the first step in easing communication tensions in marriage.

Now that we understand ourselves and how we like to communicate, it’s time to look at where we aren’t communicating well with our spouse.


If our relationship with our spouse is the most intimate of our lives, why is it sometimes so difficult to understand and be understood?


If we heed James’s warning and slow down, we can pay attention to where our spouse is coming from. We can help them to help us communicate more effectively.

Opposition creates stress. If we only focus on our own communication dynamic, we create stress for our spouse and ourselves. 

If your spouse’s communication dynamic is different than your own, he or she probably won’t react to your attempts to communicate in ways that you’d predict or maybe even desire. 

Is that wrong? No. It’s just different than you.


How do you deal with your differences?

  1. Know your spouse’s communication dynamic.

  2. Learn to speak their dynamic.

Bottom Line

You can speak your spouse’s language . . . once you know it.