Closer Connection

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Conversationally Unique


God created each of us to be unique—and that includes the dynamic of how we communicate.

How different are you and your spouse? For many couples, opposites really do attract. For others, you’re a lot alike. But no matter your specific situation, you’re different from your spouse in key ways.


Last session, we said that you and your spouse were created differently by God for His purposes. But if God created us uniquely, how do we discover our uniqueness?


Why do we get upset when our spouses don’t give us back what we want from a conversation? We’re all tempted to try to make our spouse more like ourselves. But that’s not God’s plan for marriage.


Communication isn’t one size fits all.

We each have preferred ways of giving and receiving information. Knowing what you and your spouse’s preferences are could be a game changer. 

We each have all four communication dynamics. But all of the things that influence our communication—people, events, how we grew up—determine which dynamics are strong and weak for each of us.

Bottom Line

Everyone has a preferred way to communicate. It’s not right or wrong. It’s just who they are.