Closer Connection

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What Is Good Communication? 


Studies show it’s not events that cause us problems in our marriages. It’s how we communicate with each other about events. If we don’t fix the communication stuff, it can start pushing us apart.

You’re not saying to your spouse: “I don’t love you anymore.” It’s more like: “I don’t want to deal with that stuff anymore.”


Why wasn’t communication an issue when we were dating? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Most couples have.

The answer is attention and focus.

  • When you were dating, you were focused on the other person.

  • As you settle into marriage, your attention tends to shift toward yourself.


Do you ever get so frustrated you can’t get the right words out? 

When you get frustrated and can’t seem to get the right words out, take a deep breath and remember you aren’t alone. God created you, loves you, and is there to help you.


Find a common language.

By the end of this study, you’ll understand some of the reasons communication is difficult, and discover ways to make it better. You’ll explore a common language to help work through issues and find comfort in knowing God is there to help you.

What is effective communication? It’s when the receiver responds as intended. 

The realities of communication:

  • You cannot NOT communicate.

  • When contact is made, verbal and nonverbal communication occurs.

  • Meanings are in people, not words.

  • Meanings cannot be transferred from one mind to another. Only words can be transferred.

Bottom Line

You cannot NOT communicate.