How The Gospel Meets Our Greatest Needs (UK)

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What Can Superhero Movies Tell Us About Our Greatest Needs?

Some of the most epic stories are those where someone saves someone else. Whether physical, emotional, or mental, we love seeing needs getting met and lives being restored. We love salvation stories. 

We also tend to like the kinds of stories that provide rebirth and second chances. We rejoice when the girl gives the guy a second chance or when an absent father comes home and promises to change. We love redemption stories as well. 

Our love for these stories did not begin with superhero films or family dramas, though. Even the earliest written texts tell stories of salvation and redemption. While the specifics of the narratives have changed, the themes stay the same. 

So, what does this interest in salvation and redemption show us about humanity?

It shows us just how badly we want these things. We know we need to be saved from something. We know we need to be redeemed. But why?

That is what this study will look at. By examining God’s Holy Word, we will see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ meets our greatest needs, how it provides us with the salvation and redemption we really need. Better than any film or book, the Gospel not only tells us a story about salvation and redemption, it invites us to participate. The stories we will look at have the power to actually save and redeem us, if we trust that they are true. More importantly, we have to trust the One whom they point to: Jesus Christ. 

Today’s Bible verses function as a summary of the whole Gospel. They tell the whole story in a few verses. We will closely examine each point over the coming days, but you don’t have to be an expert on the story to trust in it. If you haven’t already, you can start putting your faith in Jesus Christ. As we will see in these verses, He is the saviour and redeemer that we most desperately need.