Disruptive Compassion


Disrupt Your Status Quo 

Do you ever feel dissatisfied with the status quo, but have no idea where to start changing it? To disrupt the status quo on a grand scale — you know, world-changing kind of stuff — you must first figure out what “disrupting your status quo” means to you.

Your journey to disruptive compassion can begin by also defining what it means to “change the world.”  Consider this: What if it’s a direction rather than a destination? What if “change the world” is actually “... about making changes in your life and driving in the right direction so that one day you can pass the keys to the next generation and not have to apologize for the condition of the car?” (except as otherwise indicated, quotes are from Disruptive Compassion).

To actually embark on this journey, though, you need a leader — a model — to follow. Take hiking, for example. Not only must a group have a guide or someone responsible for helping navigate the trail, but Someone must position the trail markers in the first place. Disruptive compassion is no different. Changing the world is no different. We need someone we can follow. That’s Jesus’ cue. 

“The greatest protestor the world has ever known is Jesus. He didn’t march, picket, or boycott, yet his fingerprints can still be seen on movements all over the world. Dissatisfied with conditions on earth, he launched a movement of disruptive compassion.” 

Just take a look at what’s written in Micah 6:8 (MSG). 

But in life, it’s all too easy to confuse our mission. Everyone has an agenda of their own they want us to adopt. How do we stay on track? Remember that disruptive compassion isn’t about judging or condemning the world. Jesus didn’t promote that. He led with grace and mercy. Disruptive compassion is “... a belief that a tidal wave of love and acts of kindness can heal a wounded world.” 

So — how do you really define your mission? Start by creating a bucket list that doesn’t just focus on you and what you want to do for yourself, but what you want to do for God and others. Philippians 2:3-4 (NIV) talks about this very concept. Be willing to get uncomfortable and take steps outside your comfort zone to accomplish those bucket list items. 

Are you ready to join the Disruptive Compassion revolution?