Do You Know Why God Made You?

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Many Jobs

I believe most of us will experience many jobs and experiences on our way to discovering the purpose or destiny for which God made us. For some of us, that destiny will not be an event or a specific thing, but a process over our lifetime. However, although you may have a similar expe­rience to mine, you also may be someone who starts out in the right place for your calling.

The apostle Paul makes an interesting state­ment that indicates that most of us will remain in the very jobs in which we came to know the Lord. He writes, "Usually a person should keep on with the work he was doing when God called him" (1 Corinthians 7:20, TLB).

God has uniquely gifted you to perform a work in and through the work­place. And in most cases, He wants you to remain in that place to fulfill His purposes through your workplace calling.

Purpose is derived from several complex fac­tors experienced over an extended time period over one's life. Coming to know God through Jesus personally is the most important first step one can make toward discovering one's purpose.

Next, learning about your aptitudes helps to reveal your gifts, talents and passions. It helps you understand your natural inclinations.

Next, for many leaders God takes them through a season of character building that often has little to do with their gifts, but is a vital step to helping them develop the character that God requires for the assignment He has for them.

Leaders often have a circumstance that ush­er them into the larger story of their life. Abra­ham had a dream and vision, Jacob had a dream, Paul was blinded by God on the Damascus Road, David was thrust into an encounter with Goliath, Martin Luther had a crisis of theology, Martin Luther King was thrust into the civil rights move­ment at age 26. There may be some type of "kairos" moment or crisis of belief in the life of one in whom God has placed a call. We don't all have an extraordinary call that may affect the masses, but we are all called.

Now It’s Your Turn

Take time with your spouse or close friend to complete this exercise.

What are Your Natural Gifts?

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Step 2: Narrow your list to 4 key words





Step 3: Create your purpose statement. Word- smith into a phrase.


God created you uniquely "you."

He created you for a specific purpose and work. He called you to Someone, then something

Your name is written on a white stone in heaven.

Discovering your purpose is a process over time. Your actual assignment may be differ­ent at different times of your life, but your core purpose will remain constant.

It is all about fulfilling God's purpose for you. It is vital that we un­derstand that God works through the mundane and the ordinary as much as the extraordinary. "We are given to an incredible overestimation of the extraordinary at the expense of the ordinary," said Einar Billing.

Oswald Chambers said, "The things Jesus did were the most menial of everyday tasks, and this is an indication that it takes all of God's power in me to accomplish even the most common tasks in His way. Can I use a towel as He did? Towels, dishes, sandals, and all the other ordinary things in our lives reveal what we are made of more quickly than anything else. It takes God Almighty Incarnate in us to do the most menial duty as it ought to be done."