Be Wise


Elements to gain wisdom 

There are some qualities that will bring wisdom into our lives. Reverence is one of the requirements for gaining wisdom. Therefore, I acknowledge God and I revere God. I fear the Lord. I say, “You are higher, you are better.” Humility is something that garners wisdom; it is a requirement for wisdom. You cannot be proud and wise. Humility brings wisdom. Teachableness: we need to be teachable and willing to learn. Diligence: diligence is the precursor of wisdom because you need to be careful, persistent, and a hard worker to be wise. Righteousness: you need to be morally right to act wisely, and Faith: to receive wisdom from the Lord. 

Now, let us take the contrary of these, to see if those will bring you wisdom. What is the opposite of reverence? If you say, “I do not revere God, I am not going to respect Him at all.” That is not going to get you wisdom. The opposite of humility is, “I am cocky, I know everything there is to know.” That is not going to get you wisdom. If you are not teachable, you are a know it all. That is not going to work. To be diligent instead of lazy is a better way to become wise. When you say, “I am going to be crooked, I don´t want to be righteous,” that is unwise.  To be faithless instead of faithful will not gain you wisdom. Those ingredients come together. So if you love wisdom and desire wisdom in your life, you will use them. 

Wisdom is like a card that allows you to enjoy all the rides and the fun in an amusement park. Can you imagine? You can ride all the times you want, wherever you want, and enjoy everything for free. Wisdom is that card for any ride you are ever going to be on in your life. It is a card for parenting. It is a card for singlehood. It is a card for marriage and a card for divorce. It is a card for joy and a card for grief. It is a card for a decision in a business. It is a card choosing what college you will go to. It is a card that you will be able to pull out and say, “I want this card to be my entrance into every ride of life. So I am going to love wisdom. I'm going to obey wisdom. I'm going to be disciplined by it.” 

Get that card in your life!