Be Wise

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A decision-making tree  

Let me give you a decision-making tree because wise decisions are hard to make. Where do decisions begin? Decisions first start with us asking a question: What is best for me? This is the lowest level of decision making. So, unfortunately, this is really where our world lives, isn't it? What is best for me. People usually only care about themselves 

The next place to be is to ask, What is right? What is right or wrong, what is moral and what is immoral. Some of us as Christians think that God is a great umpire in the sky and all He cares about is what is right. Just do what is right, do what is right! Well, that is true, but He also cares about your heart. He loves you; He does not want you to do what is right as a robot. He wants you to do what is right because you love Him and you want to obey Him. So it is not just about what is right or just about what is best for me.  

We next ask the question, What is wise? Something may be legal and not wise. For instance, you can go to Colorado and smoke pot, and I am not going to encourage you to do it, ok? Because it is an unwise way to live your life. So where are you on this continuum? Are you just asking “What's best for me, what's best for me?” Are you asking “Well, what's right and what's wrong? Could you give me the rule?” Or are you asking “What's wise?” 

The ultimate place for decision-making, the highest place, is What glorifies God? Therefore, parents, if we want to be teaching our kids how to make decisions, it is not just “What is best for me?” It is not just “What is right or wrong?” It is also “What is wise and what glorifies God?” Well, here's the secret: if you and I ask first, “What glorifies God?” Then we'll get all these other things in the right place because what glorifies God is going to be what is wise. What glorifies God, of course, it is going to be right, He is the King of righteousness. And what glorifies God is going to be the best for you. It might not be what you want, but it will be the best for you because He has come to give us life and give it abundantly. 

So, the most immature place to make a decision is, “What is best for me?” We should start asking “What glorifies God?” Because in that way we will be seeking first His kingdom and righteousness and all the other things – what is wise, what is right, and what is the best – will be added unto you.