Be Wise


How do I get wisdom? 

Do you want to be a wise person? Would you like to make wise business decisions? Would you like to make wise decisions in your family? All of us want wisdom, but what do we mean by wisdom?  “Wisdom is the capacity to understand in order to live skillfully." Not a haphazard thing, but God guiding you skillfully. I want to parent skillfully. I want to be a husband skillfully. I want to pastor the church skillfully. I want to be a friend skillfully in my friendships. Students should be skillful in the way they interact in school. That is what wisdom is. So how do we get it? Let us look in the book of Proverbs, where King Solomon invites us to get wisdom and understanding and not to forget His words or turn away from them. He is inviting us to get wisdom. There are three ways we can gain wisdom.   

Number one, we get wisdom from the Lord. That could be the whole message, and you would not need anything else.  We get wisdom from Him when we read the Scripture because we know that there is something higher and more significant that we need to know. Something that is not earthly but that comes from the Heavens. So we pray for wisdom, we read about wisdom, we ask about wisdom, we think about wisdom. Moreover, in doing so we will grow in Christ, and as we grow in Christ, we are growing in knowing Him. Therefore, it is essential to spend time with the Word of God; reading it, studying it, and memorizing it, for the Lord gives wisdom and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding. When Jesus was a young boy, He grew up and was filled with wisdom, and now He has become for us wisdom from God. So, the first place we should go for wisdom is the Lord. James advises us to ask for wisdom because God gives generously to all, and that is something we should do every single day. I have asked the Lord every day for wisdom, and though I have missed some days, or I have made bad decisions because I am still human, I keep asking God for wisdom and leadership, because I want Him to lead me and I want to be a good leader in my family and in the church. So put that on your prayer list: wisdom and leadership.