An Apple A Day

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Fit us for heaven, to live with Thee there

Getting fit can only do you good. Strengthening your body will make you look better, feel better, think better and sleep better. 

But why not let whatever efforts you’re making physically be a reminder that your spiritual fitness is even more important, and longer lasting? Spoiler alert: no matter how healthy you are (and please make every effort to be healthy) eventually you’re going to die. Me too. And then perhaps we’ll wish we’d taken excellent care of our spiritual health as well. Don’t get all fatalistic, or defeatist in your thinking. Rather, every time you head outside with your running shoes, your skipping rope, your dumbbells or your swimming stuff, let them prompt you to live outside of yourself too – to pray, to praise, to serve and strengthen others, and to find ways to live selflessly and compassionately. 

Today’s apple: A load for the ladies?

Despite numerous studies on the benefits of strength training, most women still opt for cardio over weights. The very real threat of osteoporosis means women must look after their bone health. Any exercise is good for you, strengthening bones as well as muscles, but weight-bearing exercise has particular bone benefits. As your bones are exposed to these forces, they adapt by building more cells and becoming denser. Strength training also improves balance and co-ordination.