Pursuing Love While Considering Divorce

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Your Marriage is Not too Far Gone

Divorce is a terrible reality in our sinful world. God designed marriage to be an extraordinary relationship between two people possible.

Now, all too often sin comes in and tries to break what should be unbreakable. 

But Christ is stronger than sin. 

Throughout this study, we will see how much God loves marriage. We will look at how He created it with a specific vision in mind and how he gives us His word, His wisdom, and His strength to guide us in marriage through the Holy Spirit. Marriage may not be easy, but it is a special relationship that is worth fighting for. 

As you go through this study, it will be easy to push back. Try not to. Instead, lean into God’s Word and pray for the Holy Spirit’s power to live out God’s vision. Your marriage may be in trouble, but God can save anything. It’s not too late. 

The scriptures for today focus on God’s redeeming power. They remind us of how He makes the impossible possible. While the rest of the study will focus more specifically on marriage, take some time today to see the hope that God offers. Trust in Him and see that He can help you through this tough time. He can heal you, and He can heal your marriage. Praise Him for His goodness and pray that you would turn and trust Him.