[Acts: Inspiration For Transformation Series] The Power Of God

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Keep it Moving

Dustin Hawkins

I am convinced that our walk with God should lead us to an understanding of God’s purpose and calling concerning our lives. Many of us lead lives that offer service to God in various ways yet are void of authentic fulfillment and joy. God desires all believers to experience fulfillment—in any circumstance. 

Paul and Barnabas were set apart to do God’s work. Their devotion to God through prayer and fasting made it possible for them to discern the specific assignments that they were called and set apart to accomplish. As we observe Paul and Barnabas’s ministry, we realize that some people received their message while others did not. 

Walking in purpose comes with days when the message we preach will be accepted and days when people will dismiss and reject us and our message. I believe that those who are mature in their walk with God, pursue purpose and find contentment in fulfilling their calling regardless of the circumstances they face. There may be many occasions when those who celebrate our mission one day will question it the next day. As such, living in fulfillment requires not allowing these ever-changing situations and seasons to disrupt our consistency in fulfilling our purpose.

Acts chapter 13 tells us that when the Jewish leaders convinced certain men and women of high influence to help turn the city against Paul and Barnabas, the disciples “shook off the dust from their feet against them and went to Iconium. And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.” Paul and Barnabas did not stay stuck in a dismissive environment; instead, they moved along in joy and fulfillment. It seems to me that, like the disciples, we are able to benefit from the joy and fulfillment of the Holy Spirit when we understand how to keep it moving, how to fix our focus on the work God had set us apart to do rather than on the reproach of those that will not receive our message.


Where is your focus fixed? Is it on the purpose that God has set you apart to fulfill? Or are you focused more on the inconsistent things around you and the disappointment that comes along with them? Consider that if your focus is on the latter, you are probably robbing yourself of the joy and fulfillment that God wants you to have. Focus on fulfilling your purpose and you will discover the joy and satisfaction that God has in store for you!