[Acts: Inspiration For Transformation Series] The Power Of God

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The Ministry of “Yes”

Kevin D. Duhart Sr. 

I can remember it like it was yesterday—standing in my former church’s kitchen as a newly installed youth pastor with a Bible and spiral notebook in hand, fear in my heart, and a desire to see hundreds of teenagers on fire for Jesus. To my dismay, only seven preteens came to my first youth Bible study. Yet I celebrated the few who attended, and when they came back the next week they brought others with them.

Fast forward to today, I lead a thriving youth ministry despite myriad kinds of personal warfare. My passion for encouraging teens is fueled by my own experiences as a youth. When I gave my heart to Jesus, I pledged to never forget the challenges, poor choices, and cycles of disobedience the Lord had rescued me from. While reflecting on those moments, a familiar word, “yes,” surfaced in my Christian vocabulary, but that word carried new meaning. There are four things I discovered about the word “yes,” pertaining to the kingdom of God: 

  1. “Yes” is the language of the obedient. 

  2. “Yes” is a yielded person’s posture. 

  3. “Yes” shows submission to the will of God. 

  4. “Yes” does have its share of challenges.

In Acts chapter 11, Peter is faced with the daunting task of explaining his obedience to those who find his involvement with Gentiles troublesome. Culturally and historically, Gentiles were not considered children of the promise, so Peter’s interaction with them proves to be controversial. As happened with Peter, there will be times in our walk with God where some will question and/or challenge the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

Peter carefully, yet willingly, explains to the believers in Jerusalem the vision he received in Joppa. Peter, being a Jew, comes face to face with the truth that, except for God’s intervention, he would have stumbled at the thought of fellowship with and ministry to the Gentiles. However, God knows how to inspire the “yes” in our hearts. Peter explains to his Jewish brothers the fruit of his “yes” to God. Peter says, “As I began to speak, the Holy Spirit fell upon them just as on us at the beginning.” The Gentiles too had received salvation!


The salvation of an entire household depended upon Peter’s “yes”. Without hesitation, he chose to follow the leading of the Spirit of God. Peter’s obedience helped bring a multi-generational household to faith in the Lord Jesus. How many people are waiting on your “YES” to God? How many destinies are connected to your arrival? I encourage you to say “YES” to God... because a people he has chosen are awaiting you.