[Acts: Inspiration For Transformation Series] The Power Of God

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God Remembers Your Worship

Sun East

The giving heart, prayerful attitude, and reverence of a commander allowed God to open the gospel to him, a Gentile. God remembered this commander, Cornelius, because he lived a holy life, honoring God through his worship and devotion. He also taught his family and servants to honor God. 

Cornelius’s prayer life touched God’s heart such that God gave him a vision as he prayed. In Acts chapter 10, we learn that he saw an angel, and the angel called his name. As we live a holy life and pray, God remembers us, just like he remembered Cornelius and answered his prayers. Through his prayers, salvation came to Cornelius, his family, and those who were around him. When we pray, God works and brings change to our lives and to the lives of those around us. 

Peter prayed and, through a vision, God instructed him to go and meet Cornelius. Here we see God responding to Cornelius’s prayer. God sent Peter to Cornelius’s house to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to him, his family, and his servants. When they heard the message of the gospel, they received salvation and were filled with the Holy Spirit. Like Peter, we realize that “God shows no partiality” in offering salvation. God does not look at the outward appearance but at the heart. 

God destroyed the wall between himself and us because he desires a relationship with us all. As Peter obeyed God’s leading and went to Cornelius, so should we be ready and willing to spread the good news to all people.


God promises to move in our lives when we pray, give, and honor him. Would you like to see God move in your life? He can and will as we pray and call on his name. At times, we do not see the answer to our prayers right away, but that does not mean God will not respond. Continue to pray, reach out to those around you, and honor God. As you do these things, God will remember you and answer your prayers.

Lord, thank you for hearing and answering our prayers and petitions, as we pray in your name. Teach us daily how to live for you and follow you all the days of our lives.