I AM Because HE IS - Awakening Your True Identity

I AM Because HE IS - Awakening Your True Identity

DAY 4 OF 5

Rewrite the Script

Are you willing to let go and let God rewrite the script of your identity? Are you ready to finally peel off the false labels that you’ve been carrying around? Are you ready to experience freedom?

The identity he desires to bestow on you is powerful, uniquely crafted, and so worth fighting for.

It’s an invitation to unveil how the creator of the universe sees you specifically. 

Just as God gave Sarah, Abraham, Peter, and Paul new names as they entered new seasons of life, maybe God has a new name for you too. With a new name, comes new identity. Allow it to be the beginning of the journey to your true identity. 

Listen to what He is saying about you, your character, and your design in this season. How does He see you? What does He call you?

Walking in our true identity is easier said than done. The nuances of our daily circumstances and experiences can trigger and impact how we see ourselves. No matter what, we have to grab hold of our true identity. It becomes an unwavering tower of Truth, in a world that is flooded by lies.

Knowing Whose you are allows you to stand on truth freely, without guilt, question, or shame. 

Friend, schedule some time to intentionally be still and listen. You may just find a thread of Truth that you’ll need to follow. Follow it, and don’t stop until you rest in the depths of your true identity. It’s available and waiting for you to embrace it. 

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I AM Because HE IS - Awakening Your True Identity

It’s time to trade in fear, anxiety, and pressure for a life of peace, promise, and purpose. Far too often we carry the lies of the world on our backs. It weighs us down, births doubt, and keeps us from our God-given pot...

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