I AM Because HE IS - Awakening Your True Identity

I AM Because HE IS - Awakening Your True Identity

DAY 3 OF 5

The Father’s Perspective

Beloved, have you ever allowed God to encourage you? Have you ever asked Him what He thinks of you and then sat and listened? 

We’re in a battle for our sacred identity, and there isn’t a more powerful weapon than knowing the Truth of what God says about you.

And, what He says about you is beautiful. He delights over you. He loves you.  In fact, you are loved by God with a love so great that He sacrificed His only son for you.  

You are not condemned but accepted and loved unconditionally.  Because of Christ, you are adopted into the family of God as His precious daughter.  

You are a new creation, who is blameless in His sight. Before the creation of the world, He thought of you. In Him, you are seen, known and wanted. You are His masterpiece, one of a kind, created for good works that He intended especially for you.  

When you seek him, He will equip you using His unlimited resources. In Him, you can find perfect peace. In him you are given His strength as you grow in the knowledge of His deep love for you.  Do you believe these truths?  

Beloved, let’s walk boldly from the veil, into His presence, and hear Him declare what He says about you. Hear His heart about the details of how He made you. Hear how He plans to uniquely equip and qualify you for His purposes.  

He wants you to believe your God-given identity, to take it on as the birthright He gave you - anchored, unwavering, and secure despite changing circumstances.

He is speaking to you.  Are you listening? 


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I AM Because HE IS - Awakening Your True Identity

It’s time to trade in fear, anxiety, and pressure for a life of peace, promise, and purpose. Far too often we carry the lies of the world on our backs. It weighs us down, births doubt, and keeps us from our God-given pot...

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