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I AM Because HE IS - Awakening Your True IdentitySample

I AM Because HE IS - Awakening Your True Identity

DAY 2 OF 5

Define and Align

Where has your story taken you?  The miles we’ve individually traveled have shaped and developed our identities.  

Whether we’re aware of it or not, our past experiences may have given us flawed perspectives on who we should be.

Influences from unhealthy relationships, unfortunate circumstances, and sometimes even our own passivity tend to weaken our foundational beliefs. But, these were never meant to provide our identity.  

Or, maybe you have allowed the things of this world - your financial bracket, job title, appearance, number of followers, and what other people say or think about you - to define who you are.

It’s an easy trap to fall into and one that many of us struggle to climb out of, but these were also never meant to provide our identity.   

These influences and perspectives are not eternal, which is why they can never rightly tell us who we really are.

What happens when all of those fragile definitions come crumbling down? What happens when we experience failure, loss, or betrayal?

Our identity comes crumbling down with them, and it shakes us to the core. 

The only solution is to change how we define and align our identity.

Are you going through life with lies attached to who you are?  Many of us are.

It is a hard and ugly process to sort through these lies.  However, doing it well leads us to wholeness and freedom as we learn to exist in our God-given identity.

Start today by asking this simple question,

“Lord, who do you say that I am?”


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I AM Because HE IS - Awakening Your True Identity

It’s time to trade in fear, anxiety, and pressure for a life of peace, promise, and purpose. Far too often we carry the lies of the world on our backs. It weighs us down, births doubt, and keeps us from our God-given pot...


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