On The Other Side Of Exhaustion Is His Rest

Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading


How do you look at the trials in your life? Do you look at them as a reason to be worried or as an opportunity for God to move in your life? Do you view them through the lens of your feelings or the truth of the Word of God? If you focus on the wrong aspects of life, such as the reasons to be afraid, to worry, or everything that could go wrong, you will open the door in your life to fear and lack of peace or rest. 

For a photographer, one of his or her main tasks is fixing the focus of the camera lens in order to get a clear picture of the subject. As a believer in Jesus Christ, you are called to use the Word of God to fix your focus in order to get the full picture of God’s plan for your life. Focusing on what the Word of God says, rather than on the things of the world, allows God to provide peace and rest in our lives continually. Peace depends on your focus. Trying to find peace in the wrong places creates a greater deficit of peace.

So, what are you focusing on? Do you spend your time meditating on the pieces of your life that don’t fit right? Are you letting yourself focus on your worry, fear, doubts, anger, and your own weaknesses? Or are you bringing your worries to God? 

Instead of focusing on the problem today, be thankful for the solution! The gift of Jesus Christ when we accept Him into our lives comes with the answer to every situation. Furthermore, the Bible tells us to fix our focus on Him. No matter what you are anxious about, give it to God! He already provided us a solution for every problem we will ever encounter in our lifetime.

When you keep your focus on Christ and keep your heart in a position of thanksgiving, you won’t have to look for peace! The peace of God will guard your heart. Fix your focus on Christ today and be thankful. Live in the peace of God today and be blessed.