On The Other Side Of Exhaustion Is His Rest


It’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times. Really. Everyone gets overwhelmed at times. During this busy time of year, it can be very tempting to give in to feeling out of lack of control or stressed, which can lead to anxiety or even depression. These feelings themselves aren’t wrong; it’s what we do with them, the decisions we make in the wake of challenging circumstances and intense feelings like these, which matters to God—and impacts our lives significantly.

The Bible tells us that we shouldn’t give into these feelings. God has provided everything to take care of our needs and gave His Word to show us what to do during stressful times. His desire for us is that we let Him take care of us. These four steps help me do that whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or anxious:

1.) Remember that God is in control. God has a plan for plan that is good and is meant to prosper you. He loves you more than you could ever imagine and has already won all of your battles. Trust God; He will take care of your every need. You don’t have to be in control. Let God take care of everything for you.

2.) Equip yourself with what God has already given you. You have everything you need to get you through your situation, and God is right there with you every step of the way! God knows your needs, even before you know them. He’s already provided the spiritual and physical resources that you need. He has given you the strength, peace, and courage to overcome any situation. He is your peace! All you have to do is accept those gifts and use them! Get in the Word and discover what God has given you. 

3.) Take time to rest. The Bible says that we don’t need to worry. God has promised to take care of your every need. All you need to do is to rest in His promises. Take time to rest your physical body, and your mind and spirit will follow. The more you allow yourself to rest in God’s promises, the more He is able to transform your life. 

4.) Take time to be with God. God is your Father, and He desires to have a relationship with you. Go for a hike, go fishing, or anything else that you enjoy, and spend time talking to Him. God cares about what you care about, and it’s your job to get to know who your Father is. The more you know who your Father is, the more you will understand that you don’t have anything to worry about. 

Even in your darkest hour, there is no need to be overwhelmed. Trust in God. He will never fail you!