Journey Through Suffering

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Joy In Every Circumstance

Joy in suffering? Those two words sound like the opposite of each other! Suffering is like anything else we encounter, it only makes sense when we look to God and see what Scripture has to say. As we read various verses it may seem that the command for us is to be happy and excited about suffering. That is not the case. We can have joy and hope because we know the end of the story. Bernadette Todd has much experience in choosing joy in her suffering.

Listen to Bernadette

So we rejoice. We rejoice, as Bernadette said, because we trust that what God says in His Word is true. We rejoice because we know that rejoicing is not about our feelings or our abilities to perform. Instead, rejoicing is about resting in Jesus and remembering the joy that awaits us. We fix our eyes on Jesus because He suffered on our behalf. He is our perfect model. He was looking toward the joy set before Him. That was His Journey Through Suffering.


  • Are you able to find joy in the midst of your pain and suffering?
  • Take a moment today to stop, turn your thoughts fully on Jesus, and ask Him to walk with you on whatever journey He has called you.

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