Journey Through Suffering

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Life brings constant questions about how God is at work. We ask God questions like, “Why did you let this happen?” or, “Where will this lead me?” and many more. These questions are normal things we ponder. Sometimes it is hard to see how God is working or see the future plans He has for us. God has a plan that is good for you. The key is to not lose hope because of how you may be feeling right now. Michele Cushatt’s story shows the need to trust God in the midst of struggles.

Listen to Michele

Life is full of situations that you may have no control over. It can be hard to see or feel God working through those struggles. In Romans 8:28, God tells us that He will make all things work together for good. We can find hope in knowing that God always cares for us and that He always knows the bigger picture. Michele Cushatt had no idea what God intended for her future. But through trusting Him, she found that God had a plan greater than she could have imagined.


  • What type of questions do you have for God in your life right now?
  • Have you been trusting God in the midst of your struggles? Take a few minutes right now to ask God for confidence in the plan He has for you.

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