Journey Through Suffering

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Facing the Unknown

Sin causes everyone to experience brokenness and disappointment. There is only one person that has ever lived who can take away all our sin – and His name is Jesus. Because of what He has done for us, we can hold firm to the promises He gives us. We can look past the trials we face and to the future of eternity with Him. Scott Stankavage explains some ways to approach this in our lives.

Listen to Scott

Walk with God. Praise Jesus. These are the guidelines by which Scott lives. Since our calling is to live by faith, we need to look past our circumstances and fix our eyes on Jesus. As we focus on Him, our problems do not seem as big when we try to carry them ourselves. When we see things in light of eternity, our lives are a small blip. When bad news comes our way, we can cling to the goodness of Jesus and His promise of eternity.


  • How do you react when receiving bad news? How do you want to react?
  • How are you walking with God and praising Jesus in the midst of struggles in your everyday life?