Joy In The Mourning

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Transitional Change 

Enduring the loss of a pet is absolutely heart wrenching. No matter the time your pet spent in your home the relational bond that is formed is one that will most likely never be forgotten even if it wasn’t love at first sight. That was the story with my dog, Rustie. For years my little sisters pleaded with my parents for a dog and every year the answer was, “We’ll see.” Then one day I came home and there was a small Peekapoo running around in our den. My sisters introduced me to Rustie. 

Over time Rustie and I became cool and I grew to love him as a member of the Bryant household. Throughout the years beautiful memories were created and lifetime experiences were shared. In the midst of many life challenges Rustie was around, he witnessed our ups and downs as we did his. Although we went through several mountaintop and valley experiences as a family and with Rustie, we knew we would always make it through, but one day it took us by surprise when our family member, our pet, Rustie died in a matter of a week of an identified health concern. 

I understood that pets eventually died but the week leading up to Rustie’s death and the actual day it happened was not easy at all. But I understood that even in loss, God can give one Joy in the Mourning. 

Although it took a minute for me to mentally and emotionally recover from Rustie’s death, I realized that I needed to give thanks to God for the 12 years he allowed me love Rustie and give me a desire of my heart, I didn’t even know I really wanted and needed. 

For anyone who has experienced a loss I want to encourage you to give thanks to God for the opportunity to steward over your pet with God-honoring love.  Your pet can never be replaced but it is important during the moments of mourning to give the LORD  thanks.  Although you are going through the pain of the loss of the loved one, we are still commanded to Thank God. Be sure to thank the LORD for the times shared, lessons learned, fun times, challenging times, memorable times and the strength to get through this new season of change. God is blessing you with Joy in the Mourning take heed and rejoice.