Being Attentive To God's Voice

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Enjoy His presence!

The Bible tells us that nothing is better than a moment spent in God’s presence. “A single day in your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else!...” (Psalm 84:10)

God’s presence is a mystery...while invisible, it is palpable and we can really feel it. It is both gentle and convincing, soothing and motivating…

God’s presence blesses and benefits us. It comforts us and even more, gives us a foretaste of heaven! God’s presence is “pre-paradise.” God’s presence is Eden found again. God’s presence is the lush garden where our souls can rest and freely flourish.

“The Lord is my best friend and my shepherd. I always have more than enough. He offers a resting place for me in his luxurious love. His tracks take me to an oasis of peace, the quiet brook of bliss.” (Psalm 23:1-2)

I regularly take time for fasting and prayer to seek God’s face. To behold His presence, to listen to His voice. I so love the presence of God. I love spending time with Him because He is my Father, because He knows me better than anyone, even better than I know myself.

I assure you...YES, a single day in His presence is better than a thousand elsewhere! 

Make God’s presence your priority. Enjoy being with Him, talking to Him, and listening to Him. Seek Him with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength. Pursue His presence. You won’t regret it.

Thanks for existing!
Eric Célérier