Being Attentive To God's Voice

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Which voice are you listening to?

Nick Vujicic, an amazing evangelist and motivational speaker who was born with no arms or legs, shared this in a message once: “If you are somebody who has never given your life to Jesus because you felt like God is the one who is making pain in the world, just look in the Bible when Adam and Eve were with God...there was no pain. Until they sinned. No pain, no sickness, no disease, no death, nothing. Nothing bad. Not even a mosquito bite. But you know what? Everything changed when the snake came. Satan. And when he came, he changed everything.” 

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “But if God is truly good, then why did He allow Satan to do this?”

Well, God created us with freedom of choice. You and I can make choices. As Nick says, Adam and Eve heard God speak, they heard the snake speak, and they chose which voice to listen to. 

The same for hear the Word of God, including through this reading plan, but you also hear other voices (the voice of society; the voice of media; and sometimes the small, hissing voice of the snake). It’s up to you to choose which voice (and which path) you want to follow.

God gives you the choice to believe:

  • That you are a child of God,
  • That you are worthy,
  • That He has a perfect plan for you,
  • That He wants the best for you.

In other words, now the ball is in your court! It’s up to you to choose:

  • Which voice you want to listen to,
  • Which path you’re going to follow,
  • And which decisions you’re going to make.

I encourage you to choose the voice and the way of the Lord today.

Let’s pray together…“Lord, as this week begins, I’d like to begin to make good choices. That’s why I choose to learn to be attentive to Your voice. Help me to discern and reject the voices that don’t come from You so that I can heed each one of Your words. In Jesus’s name, amen.” 

Thanks for existing!
Eric Célérier

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