Being Attentive To God's Voice

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Do you want to be satisfied?

Have you ever noticed that certain foods are more substantial than others?

If you eat salad (which is very good for your health), you have to eat a lot of it to be satisfied. On the other hand, if you’re having a plate of pasta, chances are that your stomach will be full for a good while. :-)

Just like your body, your soul needs substantial food too. Without it, your soul only barely survives until the next time it is filled. We read in Matthew 4:4 that “‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Yes, you and I need to hear God speak to us in order to live. His words give life to our souls, boost our momentum when we’re tired, and encourage us when we’re down. Hallelujah!

When was the last time you heard God speak to you? When you received His words of life in your heart?

Don’t let your soul be famished...feed it daily with the Word of God! May your soul be nourished, strengthened, and restored by His holy Word.

I invite you to pray with me right now…“Lord, I don’t want to live by bread alone. I don’t want to be satisfied either with just bits of Your Word or Your presence. I long for more of You, more of Your voice. I want to hear You. Speak to me when I study the Bible, when I delve into Your Word. Thank You for the reassurance that I will be satisfied. In Jesus’s name, amen!” 

Thanks for existing!
Eric Célérier