Jesus Revealed Pt. 9 - Exposed!

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Jesus revealed to the blind man  

Thoughts on the Passage

Jesus starts this chapter by declaring that He is the light of the world – the one who releases light to this world. The end of this chapter we see what this light does, it heals blindness in one man and exposes blindness in those who see.

Jesus healed physical blindness and now He heals the spiritual blindness. Jesus reveals Himself and the man who once was blind worships Him. He recognizes Jesus now, not just as a prophet, but the Son. Jesus is the Messiah – his Redeemer. That transformation happened very quickly – like a person who was blind who now sees! It is the same kind of miracle in the spiritual realm as the physical miracle (healing him from his physical blindness). The religious leaders missed his spiritual transformation just as they missed and ignored his physical transformation. How sad. The spiritual leaders missed seeing the spiritual transformation happening before their eyes. It happens when we are spiritually blind.

They were blind. They were blind and did not realize it.

They were blind, and yet they saw what happened. Therefore, their sin remains. They saw everything that they needed to see to recognize Jesus as Messiah. Their sin remained. They chose not to come to Jesus for healing. Their sin and blindness remained.


Take time today and ask the Father to reveal. Reveal Himself to us. Reveal ourselves to us. Reveal an area of blindness in our lives. It may be something physical – something that we accept as unchangeable in our lives, marriage, workplace, or relationships. Jesus may say it is time to heal that.

It could be a spiritual blindness. Where we need to see Jesus in a new way. It is there, but we have missed it. His mercy, His love, His compassion for broken people…

Time to Pray

Father, today I ask for a new touch from You. Your Spirit raised Jesus from the dead and He promises to give life to me with the same power. I ask for a fresh touch from the Spirit. I ask that just like this blind man saw Jesus only when He spoke to him, that You speak and give me ears to hear and a heart to receive. I do not want to hear but ignore it like the religious leaders did. I want to hear and worship You afresh. That is my heart’s cry. In Jesus’ name, Amen.