Jesus Revealed Pt. 9 - Exposed!

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Jesus - the Light of the World  

Thoughts on the Passage

When do we see the serious challenges we face as opportunities for God’s to display His goodness, love, or power? This story is going to do this. 

First, it is going to provide an opportunity to show His power by healing a man born blind. However, it is going to show much, much more than this as well. We will see Jesus touch the lives of many people, we will see it expose the hearts of people, and we will see Jesus in new and unexpected ways. 

Work while it is day because night comes when no one can work.

A time is coming when people do not have the opportunity to have God work on their behalf. This happens in various ways. 

First, it happens because they continually reject God – and so God steps back and lets them have the fruit of their decision to reject God. They quickly discover how terrible it is that God no longer works on their behalf. Famine, war, sickness, financial loss, relationships destroyed…. 

Second, God stops speaking. They seek after answers to problems – and there are no answers. They seek after hope and a glimmer of light in their darkness, but there is nothing. 

Third, God says it is now finished and His judgment comes. This is different than just God stepping back and allowing evil to just produce its fruit – this is now judgment from God. This is not just terrible, it is terrifying. The Bible says that people will ask the mountains to fall on them because of their fear. It is a time of incredible darkness.

There is always a time for light when Jesus is present.

So as long as Jesus is working in people’s lives, there is hope for God to do great works in our lives and the lives our families and in our nations. Jesus showed up in Galilee – a land of great darkness – and a great light came into that part of the land. It can happen in our world as well.


Is there a place of darkness and problem in our lives?

It is time to ask Jesus to come and release His light. It is time for His presence and the works of God to be released because Jesus is present. 

Time to Pray

Father, as I look at the promise of Jesus that His presence enables Your works to be released, there are things in my life that have been there from the beginning – but they need to change. They need to be healed, they need to be transformed. The world’s perspective of my problem does not define what is important, it is Jesus’ presence. So I ask for the presence of Jesus to come and release Your works in me – the works of my Father who loves me so much. I ask that darkness be replaced by the life-giving light of Jesus. In Jesus’ name, Amen.