New Believer's Devotional

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Live Like God Says

Have you ever seen a fish flailing around out of water?

When a fish is in water it is truly alive, flourishing, and at peace, but when you take that fish out of the environment it was made for, it begins gasping for life and violently flails around desperate to get back into the water.

We are not much different than this fish. When we live according to God’s Word we are fully alive, but when we live outside of God’s will in any part of our lives we will feel like a fish out of water, desperate for life. Psalm 16 says, “He makes known to me the pathway of life.” Whatever God tells you to do will lead to greater life and richer joy. God’s commands are not there to hinder our joy, but to lead us into the fullness of it!

As you continue to follow Jesus, God will point out next steps for you to take. He will convict you to change your attitudes and actions in certain areas. He will point out something in the Bible that He wants you to act on. You will hear something in church or from another Christian that will cut you to the heart. This is God inviting you into greater life and richer joy.

Jesus is now Lord of your life which means you obey what He says, trusting that He knows best.

- What is your next step in your walk with Jesus?

- What has God pointed out that He wants you to change?

- What does it mean for Jesus to be Lord of your entire life?