New Believer's Devotional

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Spend Time with Jesus

Can a relationship be successful if you never communicate?

Before I got married, dozens of people stressed the importance of communication. They told us our relationship would suffer without it. I realized that if my wife and I never talked, we would still technically be married, but our intimacy would suffer.

This is also how it is with our relationship with God. We are in an eternal relationship with Him.  Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, nothing will ever be able to separate you from His love. However, your intimacy with Him is contingent on the time you spend with Him. If you spend a lot of time communicating with God, your relationship will be close, sweet, and life-giving. On the other hand, if you never set aside time to be with God and talk to God, your relationship will most likely be cold and distant.

How can you talk to God? PRAY. Just like any other loving father, He is eager to hear from His kids.

How does God talk to us? He speaks to us through the beauty of creation, the wisdom of more mature Christians, and the Holy Spirit. However, the best way to hear clearly from God is by reading the Bible. It is God’s Word. Anytime you read the Bible you are literally hearing the voice of God.

The best part of the Gospel is we get to know God personally. Let’s not just put the wedding ring on our finger and live separate lives, but rather, let’s live in close connection with God by spending time communicating with Him.

- When are you going to spend time with God each day?

- What book of the Bible are you going to start reading each day? (*If you’re not sure, John is a great place to begin.)

- How can you talk to God throughout the day?