The Scandal of Identity Theft

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How Do You Reclaim Back Your Identity?

I am praying by now that you are excited to reclaim the identity that has been stolen from you, because knowing your identity will open up the doors of freedom and lead you to purpose and your destinies being fulfilled. The enemy stole Adam and Eve’s identity, and with that, he stole their dominion of the earth. When you don’t know who you are, you cannot dominate in the area you were called to, and so the enemy then has the right to dictate and dominate over the earth. But Jesus, the second Adam, paid the price for our shortcomings and took back authority from the devil and put it back in the hands of humanity, which was made in God’s image. Jesus restored our identity, and He restored our dominion.

The enemy tries to downplay the power of the finished work and the blood of Jesus by emphasizing what we must do to get on the right path, rather than what Jesus has done for us. The question remains though: if Jesus did this great work and took back the keys of this realm from the enemy and set humankind back to its rightful place of dominion, how come so many are still defeated and living life under the circumstances?

Before the fall, they had no sin nature, but they could choose; therefore, the temptation they faced originated from the external atmosphere that Satan had accessed. Satan is still infiltrating the outer atmosphere, but he can only have dominion when anyone comes into agreement with him. Jesus defeated him at the cross and took back our authority from him; now we must claim our rights and walk in dominion, bringing heaven to our earth by staying in agreement with God, and that is where the struggle lies, because the devil does not stop feeding us his lies in thoughts, and he goes after our minds.


According to the online Cambridge Dictionary, transform means “A complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved.” Transformation is connected with improvement, moving from an old state or condition to a new one, and we are transformed from death to life when we are born again, our spirit going from being cut from communion and access to God to then being invited and enlightened by His grace and glory through Jesus Christ. I am sure you will agree that this is the best transformation or improvement anyone could receive—going from death to life!

Humans continue to grow physically, emotionally, and mentally throughout their early years, but there comes a time in life when, while they have reached the proper size and height, maturity must come to the mind and spirit of man. There comes a time when we gain the revelation that we can no longer go on eating and growing physically and having our every desire and appetite satisfied, but there is a need for something more in life. The human recognizes there must be so much more to life than just living to eat, party, succeed, and own more possessions or living to survive or living like everyone else. We were created with the instinct that there is much more than meets the eye, and God, in His love for us, ensures that we can pursue the missing pieces of our lives in the secret place.