The Scandal of Identity Theft


The Scandal Of Grace

Ever since the fall of man, God has always looked for ways to maintain His relationship and fellowship with man; He loves His creation. He has always looked for people to work through to dominate in the earth, like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Joshua, and David, to name a few.

The damage done in the garden was so severe that a regular person could never save humankind; the Scriptures tell us God was always looking for someone to stand in the gap for the people and the land, but He could not find any.  The enemy’s plot was to lead all of humanity to death, but God planned to restore all of humanity to life. Adam’s life came straight from God, so there was no sin in him, but Adam used his free will and the external influence to disobey God’s instructions, and that’s when sin got a doorway in and brought death, both spiritually and physically. God needed a perfect man like Adam, free of the sin nature but still having free choice to choose God’s ways instead of his own. But there was no such man to be found, and that’s when God sent Jesus to the earth to be born as a human, through a young virgin, to accomplish redemption.

Because of Jesus and His obedience to the will and word of the Father, the course of our path was changed, and our true identity in Christ was established. I always give God praise and thanks for the gift of righteousness and the abundant grace I have received because of Jesus’s finished work at the cross, and I am finally living my life in the freedom of my true identity.

My righteousness is not wrapped up in my works; I can never do enough good works to please God, but now I can accept the gift of righteousness because it was already paid for by Jesus. By faith, I now receive my new nature and identity in Jesus Christ because He has set me free by paying the ransom demanded by Adam’s disobedience.

The price that Jesus paid was all done out of His great love for the Father and us. I still cannot wrap my mind around this love God has for us, but I have stopped trying to understand it, and by faith I have learned to accept it and rest in it. I don’t know what lies the enemy has fed you about the love of God the Father, but I pray that through this devotional you have gained a deeper revelation of how much God loves you. God saw you at the end of redemption’s road, knowing one day you would rise and accept the way He has made for you, and He waits with open arms to lavish upon you all the good things He has lavished upon Jesus. I pray you will enter into His love, receive his righteousness as a gift, and live in His abundant grace!