Trust Through The Trials

Day 5 of 6 • This day’s reading


It’s not when everything in your life is going great that your faith in God will be put on display. It’s when you’re actually struggling. It’s when life is difficult. It’s when a move from God is the only way breakthrough will be achieved. Are you the same person during your trials or is God only good when your life is good? One of the greatest testaments to God’s goodness is a faith that’s unwavering. 

What if we changed our mindset during trials? What if we truly considered them joy, like the Bible commands us to do? I heard my friend Grant Skeldon once say, “humans aren’t necessarily biblically illiterate, they’re biblically disobedient.” Maybe everything you have been through is to establish a firm foundation for everything God is taking you to. Can He trust you? Can He trust that when your life doesn’t go as planned you’re still going to honor Him and trust Him and live for Him? Don’t make the mistake of thinking your trials are wasted seasons. When you’re living a life to honor God, nothing is wasted. Every trial you go through has significance when the Savior is involved. 

Challenge Today: Consider the testimony that could come not just from your trial, but even during your trial, if you continue to honor God. Make a conscious effort to honor God in EVERY circumstance, He is worthy. 

Prayer Today: God help me to view the trial phase as a preparatory phase. I know that the trials of today lay the foundation of tomorrow. You are good and worthy of my praise, in every season. Thank You for promising to work all things to the good. In You I have hope. Amen.