Trust Through The Trials

Day 3 of 6 • This day’s reading


There’s an analogy I like to use when explaining the spiritual importance that comes with trials. We all know what is required of us when we want to make physical improvements with our bodies, especially if our goal is to gain muscle. It requires taking our body through some serious ‘trials’ in the weight room. In those trials/workouts, we literally break down our muscle fibers. And it’s not in the breakdown process that they grow, it’s in the restoration and buildup process that follows. That’s the process where we’re consuming protein, drinking water and amino acids, resting, eating healthy, etc. Spiritually, it works the same way. For there to be a restoration process to grow in, there must first be something we need restored from – like trials! So, when we go through trials and our spiritual muscle is broken down and we feel completely defeated, what does the restoration process look like? It’s a series of choices. We choose to worship instead of worry. We choose to pray instead of panic. We choose to operate in faith instead of fear. When our world is crashing down around us, we stop and talk to the One who created the world. 

Challenge Today: Look at your trials as a spiritual workout. The truth is, it may be very difficult during the workout, but once you make it through you will be so glad you stuck it out. Take heart in this – there will be a day soon coming, where you’ll be able to look back at your trial and say, “I’m glad it happened! Because I wouldn’t be anywhere near the spiritual warrior I am today if God hadn’t taken me through some trials!”

Prayer Today: God, thank you for being by my side through every trial. Thank you for creating purpose out of my pain. Thank you for creating a message out of my mess. God, I speak victory over myself today. I believe that I will make it through this spiritual workout. And I believe that everything I’m supposed to learn during this process will come to pass. God, I honor You. I put my faith, hope and trust in You Jesus. Amen.