Trust Through The Trials

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God teaches us how to respond and grow through trials because He knows trials are coming (John 16:33). Although they are coming, I don’t want my trials to define me. So what does define me? The way that I respond to the trials. The response is what separates us. To respond in a healthy way, you must shift your focus and change your perspective. Maybe God won’t move the mountain that’s in front of you, but He’ll give you the strength to climb it. And it’s in that process of climbing it, He will teach you and mold you into exactly who He created you to be. 

 Trials have a neat way of helping us discover things about ourselves. There are things the valley will teach us that we could never learn from the mountaintop. 

We don’t trust in Christ because we want to be blessed. We trust in Christ because of his faithfulness and his promises. If He never does another good thing for us – we can always trust in the love that was displayed on the cross, knowing that was way more than we ever deserved. 

Challenge Today: Focus on your response, because many times that’s the only thing you can control. Focus on responding in a way that brings glory to Jesus. It’s in your trials where the most eyes are on you. Be sure to show Jesus in your response. What’s one thing that most certainly speaks to the goodness of God? His children still honoring Him during tribulation. 

Prayer Today: God please help me to respond in a way that glorifies You. I know that your word says You are working ALL things to the good, so help me to remember that during my seasons of struggle. You are still good. You are still on the throne. I will trust You through the trials and respond in a way that displays that trust. Jesus it’s in your precious name we ask these things, amen.