4 Days To Make A U-Turn

4 Days To Make A U-Turn

DAY 4 OF 4

So many lives are being destroyed by the problem of worry. We worry about what has happened, is happening and what could be happening tomorrow. There are a lot of things going on in our lives and our world that give us reason to worry. But there is some good news here and that is that your relationship with Jesus Christ can overrule your worry. 

As our passage says, have you ever seen a worried bird? A bird with ulcers? Do you ever see flowers worrying? No. God has built into creation a system to take away your worry. Matthew 6:33 says, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you" (NASB). When God is first, worry no longer has a primary position in your life. 

But when God is put on the backburner and His rule and standard are no longer governing how you function, then worry will seep in and fill in the void, dominating the space in your life. But I declare based on God’s Word that that day is over for you, for me, for us. We are going to put God first and we will see God put us first and we’re going to see Him erase, wipe away, and dismiss worry. 

Worry takes you off of the path that God has you on. It causes you to lose your way, so make the decision today to stop what you are doing, cast all your cares on Him, and turn around, heading back in the direction of God and His perfect plan for your life.     

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4 Days To Make A U-Turn

On the road of life, occasionally we’ll miss our exit. We’re going somewhere specific, but we become distracted and take our focus off of the destination. When that happens, God wants us to get off the road and turn arou...

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