4 Days To Make A U-Turn

4 Days To Make A U-Turn

DAY 2 OF 4

The story of the prodigal son is one of the most famous in the New Testament. Most people who are religiously familiar at all know this story, and while a lot of attention is given to the prodigal––the son who went wayward––the essence of the story is really about the father. 

His willingness to look out for, receive and celebrate the return of the lost son should fill us with hope. The good news is that your heavenly Father is waiting to be a part of your reversal. He wants to welcome you home and celebrate your return. He wants to throw a party for you. That’s how the love of God is. The love of God won’t celebrate your journey to the pigpen, but it can welcome you from the pigpen. It can keep the lights on when you decide you are no longer are comfortable living in the unrighteousness of sin.

The point is, you don’t want to miss out on the party. Celebrate your return to God. I love how the story ends because you see what happens to the prodigal and you do not see what happens to the older brother.


You might have gotten caught up in sin and now, you’re afraid you can’t get out of the pigpen. Friend, don’t ever doubt the eagerness of your heavenly Father to welcome you back. His Son, Jesus Christ, made a way out of that pigpen and all you have to do is turn yourself around and head back to the open arms of the Father. 

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4 Days To Make A U-Turn

On the road of life, occasionally we’ll miss our exit. We’re going somewhere specific, but we become distracted and take our focus off of the destination. When that happens, God wants us to get off the road and turn arou...

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