4 Days To Make A U-Turn

4 Days To Make A U-Turn

DAY 3 OF 4

Unfortunately, sin travels from one generation to another. It can set in motion sequences of evil that are reflected and perpetuated in the next generation. But those traveling evils don’t have the last say.


They can be broken by a decision to move in a different direction. The Bible calls it repentance. It is a decision to move toward God rather than continuing away from God. Just as parents share their physical DNA with their children, we share our spiritual DNA with our children. That’s why you don’t have to teach newborns how to lie or be selfish. It’s kind of stitched in there from mother and father. We do our best to correct them but some things go deeper than that.


Maybe your mother and father were manipulative, addicted to something, or couldn’t be trusted. You’re seeing that working itself out in your own life or in the lives of your children. What you’re seeing is generational transfer.


In the same way that the physical attributes of parents are transferred to children, the spiritual attributes—both negative and positive––can be transferred to children. This is why generational curses need to be broken, and they will when you make a decision to repent of the sins of your father and your mother as you decide to follow God in a different direction. You have now set in motion a different sowing and reaping that will break the curse.


Don’t sit and accept yesterday’s mistakes, sins and evil. You can say, “No longer God, because I am following You and I’m going to watch You set a new system in motion for the salvation and transformation of me and my family.” 

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4 Days To Make A U-Turn

On the road of life, occasionally we’ll miss our exit. We’re going somewhere specific, but we become distracted and take our focus off of the destination. When that happens, God wants us to get off the road and turn arou...

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