How To Fulfill God's Purpose For Your Life



Your thought life is also the gateway to God’s PEACE in your life. There is no real peace on the outside of our lives until there is peace on the inside. God's thoughts produce God's peace. 

The definition of peace comes from the Hebrew word, "shalom." It means completeness, wholeness, harmony, fulfillment, and satisfaction—nothing missing and nothing broken. It also refers to an undamaged and unhindered relationship with God & others.

How do we attain peace? 

“You Lord will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You. (Isaiah 26:3)

Notice, God is the one who keeps us in peace. Our part is to keep our thought life rooted in His way of thinking. God and His Word are inseparable. John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God.” 

But, we can’t read the Bible as a devotional, though there's nothing wrong with devotions. But, we have to read it in a way that helps us truly identify wrong ways of thinking and decide to reverse them systematically. I have a whole system of thinking God’s way called, "FASTING FROM WRONG THINKING." In it, I take you step by step into revolutionizing your life by revolutionizing your thoughts. You can identify where your thinking doesn't line up with God's Word and see it change right before your eyes. For more information on that or for a copy of the Fast From Wrong Thinking devotional, visit

Notice also, in Isaiah 26:3, that God describes PERFECT peace. This is the perfect will and perfect purpose of God for our lives. It describes a life of wholeness, satisfaction, and fulfillment, where nothing is missing in your life. Everything lost is restored. It is a place where nothing is broken in your life. Everything broken is restored. That is perfect peace. It describes a relationship with God and people that are healthy, growing, and unhindered. That's perfect peace. And it comes from a mind that is renewed to God's way of thinking. 

No matter what your life looks like right now, no matter how slow your caterpillar feet might be taking you, something supernatural is happening in you from the INSIDE OUT. You are being transformed through your thought life. You are sprouting wings that take you into the unlimited potential that you were created for. 

Your thought life is the gateway to God’s plan for your life. 

Your thought life is the gateway to God’s perfect future for your life. 

Your thought life is the gateway to God’s perfect peace for your life. 

As you embrace this truth and continue to let God’s Word wash away old unbiblical ways of thinking, you will find yourself right in the middle of God’s will. You won’t have to search for it or strive for it. It will track you down. It will find you. And it will carry you into a life beyond anything you could have hoped for, imagined, or dreamed!

God loves you deeply and wants a personal relationship with you!

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