How To Fulfill God's Purpose For Your Life



God’s thoughts are the gateway to God’s purpose. The main gateway into God's plan for your life starts with God's thoughts for your life. Every Christian wants more than anything to experience God's purpose and God's plan for his or her life. It's one thing to desire God's plan for your life, it's another thing to experience God’s plan for your life. Many Christians aren’t experiencing God’s plan because they’re not experiencing God’s way of thinking. Renewing your mind to God’s way of thinking leads, guides, and carries you into God’s plan. 

For example, you may have always thought, “If I love God more, He will bless me.” But the truth is, the Scripture says that He blesses us because HE


" . . . He turned the curse into a blessing because the Lord your God loved you!" (Deuteronomy 23:5)

There are hundreds of other examples where our thinking needs to change to experience the renewing of our mind. As that happens, thought by thought, we are transformed, and we find ourselves flying into God’s perfect will for our lives.