Enough: Lent Devotionals



“But Moses said to God, ‘Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?’” (Exodus 3:11)

The word of God has provided countless examples of people who have heard His audible voice. But, for some of us, when what we hear crosses paths with our own self-doubts, we question the very things the Spirit is trying to articulate to and through us. We doubt the eternal plan established in us. 

A perfect display of this is in the story of Moses. When God called him out of his position, we see how Moses' insecurities determined his response because he had allowed them to govern his paradigm for so long. The issue was never his ability. It was his perspective.

But the great thing about listening to God’s voice is that when we hear and obey, wonders must happen. After all, obedience is better than sacrifice. Take joy in knowing that God trusted you enough to appoint you as a world changer.

Lord God, at times, it seems like my insecurities sound a lot louder than Your voice. It affects my heart and view of myself. But I know that in this moment, You’re re-writing my spirit and heart to hear and respond to Your voice appropriately. And in hearing You and walking by faith, You’re restoring my confidence in You and the abilities given to me. I surrender everything to You right now. Amen.

Becca Folkes, Singer