Word of the Day: Justification

Definition: 1.) The doctrine that God pardons, accepts, and declares a sinner to be “just” on the basis of Christ’s righteousness (Romans 3:24-26; 5:15-21), (, 2015).

2.) The act whereby humankind is made or accounted just, or free from guilt or penalty of sin (, 2015). 

3.) Justify- To demonstrate or prove to be just, right, or valid; vindicate; to show to be reasonable; to warrant or substantiate (, 2015). 

There are professions in which people perform the very act of justification on behalf of others including lawyers, judges, auditors, etc. We also perform this act for our own personal actions and those around us, playing the role of a juror or witness. 

Like many other privileges that mankind has been afforded, we have perverted the very act of justification. Some abuse the legal system and distort written law to fit the context of the purpose of their justification. This is also known as lying, or what is commonly called “exaggerating the truth”. While there are some gray areas that usually attribute to some sort of unfair treatment, most times justification is also stained with bias. This is a hard truth to accept, but we all participate in it and are biased; we are human and therefore flawed. 

Truthfully, God is the only just judge. In fact, most sources regarding the term justification reference God pardoning mankind’s sin in order to be righteous through Christ. God is the only one who can truly justify us. 

Action: The next time you are put in a position to determine someone else’s future, defend/represent someone, or placed in a role that requires justification, be sure to first think of what God’s love did for us (John 3:16). Next, ask for His guidance and act accordingly.

Prayer: God, I recognize You as my just judge. You are all-knowing and Your wisdom is far too vast for us to understand. I take joy in You giving me freedom from my just judgement by way of Your son, Jesus Christ. Help me to be just in my actions and when dealing with others. Please guide me in my decision-making. All these things I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

Affirmation: I will seek God, the just judge when I am placed in a position to justify someone else.